webTV solutions for professional broadcasters
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web TV solutions for professional broadcasters

The television market is by far the largest media market in the world in terms of audience retention time and revenue. Our commitment, research, and services help publishers and advertisers to reroute parts of their revenue streams into the webTV market and in the process secure new audiences. We use our know-how to successfully implement this strategy.


Many common problems have already been solved. To offer you the best possible result, we tailor our service to your needs. We draw on the right combination of existing tools to solve the problem—no need to reinvent the wheel. The chief aim of all our work is to make TV exciting and engaging again.


At times, when no suitable tools exist yet, we have to solve problems ourselves from scratch. In such cases we always strive to keep costs low and scalable. To this end we develop leading-edge, cloud-based, straightforward solutions using our video transcoding service, interactive video player, and ad-serving technology.


Publishers rely on income from advertising to enable the production of new content. But ad delivery and the underlying network communication are complex and error-prone. With our patented technology (HOMAD) we fix problems in ad delivering and help you to unveil new revenue streams.

Our Team

Nikolai Longolius, Vincent Schreiter and Fabian Topfstedt founded schnee von morgen in 2008. They now have offices in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna. Our team consists of TV producers, software developers, and journalists who are all passionate about finding the most sophisticated and up-to-date webTV solutions for professional broadcasters in today’s market.

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Our Technology

Each webTV project has its own demands and challenges. Our best-practice approach serves to significantly increase video views as well as the revenues generated by these forms of media. Due to our unrivaled knowledge of video distribution, we demonstrate that it is possible to simultaneously boost video quality, lower storage and distribution costs, and optimize video management workflow.


  • Upload videos with just a couple of clicks, even from mobile devices
  • Comprehensive web-based content management system; back-end for managing media and users
  • Embedded player code generator
  • Simple built-in content distribution
  • Integrated content syndication services
  • API for integration into existing CMS


  • Cloud video encoding and transcoding
  • Scalable HD-video hosting and storage
  • Powerful content search
  • Customized responsive player design
  • State-of-the-art CDN with bandwidth detection
  • Live streaming


  • Secure and reliable ad communication module used by hundreds of broadcasters
  • Integration of all major online video advertisers
  • Integrated video SEO and tracking API
  • Design and consultation for cross-platform, advertising-based revenue models
  • Built-in video ad optimization, boosting revenues significantly